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When you visit the doctor or hospital, you expect to get better. But when health care providers rush through their duties or make careless mistakes, you could end up getting worse.

The law requires that physicians and other medical professionals maintain an extremely high standard of care. When they breach that duty, they can be held accountable for the damages their patients suffer as a result.

Medical Malpractice Attorney in Kingston

New York’s medical malpractice laws are complex, and the prospect of taking action against a health clinic or hospital may seem daunting. But there is nothing more important than your health — and you don’t have to face them on your own.

The Medical Malpractice Attorney in Kingston at O’Connor & Partners have extensive experience in New York medical malpractice litigation. We’ve helped patients just like you recover the robust compensation they deserve after a medical mishap or injury caused by either negligence or incompetence.

Our law firm works directly with medical experts who help us verify the appropriate standard of care and, when appropriate, prepare our clients’ claims for negotiation and/or trial. In many cases, they have even been able to provide expert witness testimony in support of our clients’ claims.

While it is true that medical malpractice cases are some of the most challenging claims to bring under New York law, they are absolutely winnable. We should know — our attorneys have a long track record of taking on doctors, hospitals, and physician’s groups and getting substantial compensation for the patients we represent.

We take an aggressive approach as Kingston medical malpractice attorney. Most doctors and medical organizations are well equipped to pay their patients for the harm they’ve caused. We are determined to hold them accountable and demand full-throttled justice.

You trusted your doctor to take care of you. Now demand that they compensate you for the consequences of their carelessness. Contact O’Connor & Partners and schedule a free medical malpractice consultation right away.

Major Types of Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Surgical Errors / Foreign Objects in the Body

Surgery is incredibly complicated, and there’s a lot that can go wrong. For that very reason, surgeons and their assistants are required to employ a number of precautions to reduce the likelihood of harm. Additionally, surgeons are expected to operate with special skill and care.

Surgeons who rush, fail to pay close attention, or allow inexperienced staff members to assist with the surgery can be held accountable for the injuries they cause.

Sadly, the complications of surgical malpractice tend to be extremely severe. They can include:

  • Nerve damage
  • Organ damage
  • Surgical instruments or other items left inside the body
  • Infections
  • Paralysis
  • Stroke or heart attack
  • Permanent bodily damage

Anesthesia Malpractice

Administering anesthesia is one of the most challenging practices in all of modern medicine. That is why doctors must acquire years of experience and obtain special licensing in order to become an anesthesiologist.

The slightest error in anesthesiology could cause you to wake up during surgery, endure unimaginable pain, or suffer permanent and life-altering complications. Tragically, anesthesia malpractice sometimes results in death.

Our office can help you and your family investigate any potential anesthesia malpractice in your case and determine whether the health professionals breached their standard of care.

Birth Injuries

The birth of a child should be a time of great joy for you and your family. But when doctors make critical mistakes, they can cause severe injury or death to the mother or the child. This includes errors made during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and soon after delivery.

If you suspect that negligence by a doctor, nurse, or midwife led to illness or injury in your newborn or their mother, please contact the experienced Kingston medical malpractice attorneys at O’Connor & Partners right away.

Kingston Wrong Diagnosis Medical Claim

Wrong Diagnosis / Failure to Diagnose or Treat

Physicians have a duty to listen to their patients carefully, examine them thoroughly, and use their professional judgment and expertise to arrive at accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans.

When doctors don’t take their patients’ symptoms seriously, or if they overlook critical facts or fail to order the right tests, they can miss a serious and life-threatening diagnosis.

Doctors and hospitals can be held accountable for failure to diagnose a heart attack, stroke, cancer, and other serious medical conditions. Likewise, they may be liable for failing to provide reasonable and effective treatment according to the relevant standard of care.

Prescription Errors

Common examples of a prescription error include:

  • Giving medication to the wrong patient
  • Failing to prescribe medically necessary medication
  • Accidentally giving a patient the wrong dosage
  • Administering medications improperly or at the wrong time
  • Failing to monitor for dangerous interactions or contraindications
  • Failing to give patients adequate instructions for the safe use of a medication

Even a minor medication error can result in a dangerous overdose, which may be deadly.

Nursing Home Negligence

Sadly, New York nursing homes are notorious for high rates of medical negligence and elder abuse. The companies that operate assisted living facilities must provide reasonable care to their senior residents. Likewise, the nurses and medical professionals working in these facilities can be held accountable for breaching their duty of care.

If you suspect that your loved one has been injured or has become ill in a nursing home because of negligence — or if you have noticed signs of harassment, exploitation, or abuse — please contact the Kingston medical malpractice lawyers at O’Connor & Partners right away.

Dental Malpractice

Much like other doctors, dentists (including dental surgeons, orthodontists, and other dental professionals) owe a duty of care to their patients.

There is a direct connection between your mouth health and the rest of your body. Careless mistakes made during dental procedures can directly affect your overall health. They can also cause substantial pain, permanent damage to the teeth, and tremendous long-term expense. An attorney can help you get the compensation you need to repair the damage and move on with your life.
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