Our Hudson Valley personal injury attorneys win millions in settlements for our clients. Click on the case results below to view more details.

Our Case Results Speak For Themselves

$7,770,000 - Hudson Valley Construction Worker Injured at the Workplace

$7,000,000 - An Infant Sustained a Brain Injury as a Result of a Car Accident

$6,000,000 - Defective Car – Parties Remain Confidential

$6,000,000 - Hudson Valley Woman Who Was Involved in a Two-Car Collision

$4,900,000 - Product Liability – Parties Remain Confidential

$3,500,000 - Plaintiffs Were Riding on a Motorcycle in Sullivan County, NY

$3,350,000 - Wawarsing Man Was Badly Injured When He Fell from a Roof

$2,750,000 - 60 Year Old Union Pipe Fitter Fell and was Injured

$2,588,000 - Retired Police Sergeant Injured in Fall on the Job

$2,250,000 - 31 Year Old Professional was Involved in a Rear End Collision

$2,000,000 - Hudson Valley Man Accepts Settlement for Injuries he Sustained in a Motor Vehicle Accident

$2,000,000 - A Female Resort’s Manager Involved in a Tractor-Trailer Accident

$2,000,000 - Plaintiff Was Diagnosed With Atrial Fibrillation by His Physician

$1,900,000 - Injured Worker Agreed to a Settlement for Injuries He Sustained at a Construction Site

$1,695,000 - Car Accident Results in Wrongful Death Claim For Orange County Surviving Wife

$1,675,000 - Hudson Valley Woman Agreed to Settle Multiple Claims

$1,660,000 - Factory Worker Injured by a Machine

$1,600,000 - Wrongful Death Bicycle Accident – Parties Remain Confidential

$1,500,000 - Kingston Woman Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

$1,500,000 - A Motorist was Injured by an Object That Crashed Through the Windshield of the Motorist’s Vehicle

$1,220,000 - Motorcyclist was Fatally Injured in the Town of Poughkeepsie

$1,095,000 - Plaintiff Was 39 yrs Old and Was a Self-Employed Restaurant Owner, Injured in a Car Accident

$1,050,000 - Plaintiff Was Playing in her Driveway When She Was Run Over

$1,050,000 - A Hudson Valley Family Accepted a Settlement From a Car Accident

$925,000 - 35-Year-Old Twin Sisters Injured in a Two Story Fall

$900,000 - Plaintiff suffered multiple orthopedic injuries to her lower extremities.

$775,000 - Legal Malpractice Action

$750,000 - A 48 Year Old Man Was Hit By a Bus, Settles for $750,000

$700,000 - Plaintiff Present at Sam’s Club at the Time Construction Was Injured by a Falling Wall

$700,000 - 37 Year Old Single Woman Employed With Part Time Business Injured in a Car Accident

$660,000 - 44-Year-Old Stage Hand Fell From Catwalk

$640,000 - Plaintiff Was in the Grandstand at the Lebanon Valley Motor Speedway

$625,000 - Plaintiff Was Using a Ladder While in the Course of his Work

$550,000 - Hudson Valley Man Agrees to a Settlement as Compensation for Injuries he Received in a Construction Site

$550,000 - Former Hudson Valley resident agreed to a settlement after a car accident

$525,000 - A Postal Employee Was Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

$525,000 - A 55 Year Old Local Employee Was Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

$515,000 - Dutchess County Man Sustains Neck and Back Injures in a Car Accident

$514,000 - Plaintiff Injured in a Three-Car Motor Vehicle Accident

$510,000 - Plaintiff While Employed to Repair Interior of Huge Cement Kiln is Injured

$500,000 - Ulster County Resident Sustained Injuries to Her Neck and Face From a Car Accident

$465,000 - 18 Year Old Clinton County Resident Received Settlement of $465,000 Car Accident

$450,000 - A plaintiff agreed to a settlement after a car accident

$400,000 - Construction worker agrees to settlement

$362,000 - A 67-Year-Old, Self Employed Man Hit on His Motorcycle

$350,000 - Hudson Valley resident agreed to accept an award after a physical assault

$300,000 - Pedestrian Versus Motor Vehicle Accident

$300,000 - A Delaware County Woman Agreed to a Settlement for her Injuries

$300,000 - A 44-Year-Old Male Motorcyclist was Seriously Injured

$275,000 - An Ulster County Man Settled His Personal Injury Case Prior to Jury Selection

$225,000 - A Hudson Valley Woman Accepted a Settlement for Injuries in a Car Accident

$215,000 - Dutchess County Resident Agreed to a Settlement After a Car Accident

$215,000 - Orange County woman agreed to a settlement for injuries she sustained from a fall on ice

$150,000 - 85 Year Old Dutchess County Woman Settles After Injuries in a Rear-End Collision

$100,000 - Two Ulster County motorcyclists agreed to settlements

$100,000 - Three separate motorists received settlements after a car accident

$95,000 - Orange County Man Received a Settlement of $95,000 After a Car Accident

$69,500 - Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Accident