$3,500,000 Settlement

Date of Settlement: February 3, 2011

Court: Sullivan County Supreme Court

Age/Occupation: Plaintiffs were a 45 year old female and a 44 year old male

Case Facts: Plaintiffs were riding on a motorcycle in Sullivan County, New York when they were struck by a motor vehicle who failed to yield the right of way. Both plaintiffs were thrown to the pavement, suffering serious injuries.
Injuries/Damages: Female plaintiff sustained severe orthopedic injuries to her left leg, including a fracture of the femur and multiple pelvic fractures. Male plaintiff suffered trauma to the spine, including fractures of the transverse process and bulging discs to the lumbar region. Male plaintiff required surgical intervention to stabilize the spine. Both plaintiffs have had a successful recovery due to extensive physical therapy efforts.

NOTE: Case is believed to be the largest motor vehicle settlement in Sullivan County history.