Helping You Recover Compensation After an Unexpected Animal Attack in NY

Dog owners are responsible for keeping their pets under control. Unfortunately, people don’t always watch after their animals like they should.

Being bitten or attacked by a dog is incredibly frightening. You may still feel intimidated or traumatized weeks or months after the event — to say nothing of the very real physical effects of a dog attack.

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If you’ve recently been injured by a dog bite in the Kingston area, you might be entitled to financial compensation for your losses. In many cases, the pet owners (or their homeowner’s insurance provider) may be responsible for reimbursing you for all your losses, which can add up to much more than victims sometimes realize.

But there’s a lot to know about New York’s dog bite law. In the sections that follow, we explore the New York Dog Bite Law and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about victims’ rights after an unexpected animal attack.

The Kingston dog bite lawyers at O’Connor & Partners have years of experience in handling a wide range of dog and animal attacks in New York. In many of these cases, it is ultimately an insurance company that is liable for your injuries. Insurers work very hard to reduce or avoid their liability, but we are committed to working even harder for the people we represent.

You can count on us to fight for your rights and demand every single penny you deserve.

The New York Dog Bite Law Explained

You may have heard that New York has a “one-bite rule” or, alternatively, that New York is a “strict liability” state when it comes to dog bites. While some states follow one of those rules or the other, the situation in New York is a bit more complicated: our state’s dog bite rule combines elements of both.

If the Dog Has Never Attacked Anyone Before

Even if it is the dog’s very first bite or attack, the pet owner is still strictly liable for all of your medical and/or veterinary bills. This is significant because these damages alone can add up to a substantial amount of money. You don’t even have to prove that the dog owner was negligent in any way. As long as you can prove that the bite or attack happened, you can recover your medical and/or veterinary damages from the owner.

However, if the dog has never attacked anyone before, you will not be able to recover non-medical damages (e.g., pain and suffering, lost income due to time away from work, emotional distress, etc.) unless you can also prove one of these things:

  • The owner failed to leash the dog in violation of a leash law
  • The owner failed to reasonably restrain an out-of-control dog
  • The owner knew that the dog was dangerous
  • The owner had trained the dog to be aggressive or to attack
  • The owner commanded the dog to attack
  • The owner is cruel or abusive to the dog (or otherwise mistreats it)

These things are not necessarily easy to prove, but an experienced Kingston dog bite attorney can help you investigate the dog’s history and nature, identifying any argument that might help bolster your claim for compensation.

If the Dog Has Attacked Before

Once a dog has bitten or attacked someone, the owner is effectively “on notice” that the dog is dangerous and may bite again. In this case, victims can recover medical and non-medical damages.

Learn more about New York dog bite laws here.

Dangerous Breeds & Other Aggressive Dogs

Some dog breeds are especially dangerous and prone to attack. Additionally, some dogs — regardless of breed and/or bite history — have an especially aggressive personality. In these cases, there may be evidence that the owner knew or should have known that the dog was dangerous and is therefore liable for all the damages that transpire as a result.

What If the Dog’s Owner Is My Neighbor or Friend?

This is an extremely common situation, and your concern is understandable. Dog bites put friends, family members, and neighbors in an awkward position. No one wants to sue someone they’re close with, but at the same time, there are real injuries that need to be compensated.

Here’s the good news: in most of these cases, it is the pet owner’s insurance that must ultimately pay for your damages.

In fact, many of our clients have been able to seek compensation from a neighbor while still maintaining an amicable relationship because the neighbor didn’t ultimately incur personal financial responsibility.

If you’re unsure about your specific situation and how liability might be assigned, give our Kingston dog bite lawyers a call.

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What If the Dog Attack Was My Fault?

Even though New York generally follows a rule of comparative negligence (meaning that victims can still recover partial compensation even if they were partially at fault), when it comes to dog bite cases, there are some situations that will completely prevent you from recovering.

For example, if you:

  • Provoked the dog
  • Mistreated the dog
  • Were trespassing on private property
  • Approached the dog despite clear warning signs
  • Touched the dog despite being told not to

…you may not be able to recover compensation. But talk with our office first to make sure.

What Kinds of Dog Attack Injury Claims Does Your Law Firm Handle?

O’Connor & Partners has extensive experience in negotiating and litigating animal attack claims in New York. We are available to help with virtually any situation, including:

  • A dog attack on a child
  • A dog attack on an elderly or disabled person
  • Another dog’s attack on your own dog or pet
  • Dog attacks in public parks (or on other public property)
  • Dog attacks on private property
  • Escaped animal attacks
  • Rabies infection and other diseases caused by animal attacks
  • Fatality caused by a dog attack (wrongful death)

Do You Help with Other Animal Attacks (Not Just Dogs)?

Yes. O’Connor & Partners can assist with attacks by dogs, cats, household pets, farm and ranch animals, zoo animals, and many other animal attacks. However, there may be some situations (such as a wild animal attack) in which there is no liable party — though a homeowner’s insurance policy, for example, may still provide some coverage. We encourage you to contact our office and discuss the situation so we can help you determine whether there might be a path to compensation under New York personal injury law.

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