$1,050,000 Settlement

Date of Settlement: November 15, 2003

Court: Supreme Court Ulster County

Age/Occupation: Plaintiff was a 9 year old child with significant pre-existing emotional and cognitive disabilities.

Case Facts: Plaintiff was playing in her driveway when she was run over by her grandmother, who was her guardian, operating her grandfather’s business vehicle which he had taken home from work. Significant arguments occurred concerning permissive use of the business vehicle by the grandmother she was using the vehicle to go from the residence to the bottom of the driveway to obtain mail during which time the accident occurred.

Injuries/Damages: Severe right leg degloving injury with multiple surgeries and debridements as well as skin grafts with permanent scarring and disfigurement of the leg. Case was handled in-part by Joseph O’Connor.

Awarded; $1,050,000.00 Infant Plaintiff’s monies were placed in interest bearing life time special needs trust.