$1,095,000 Settlement

Date of Settlement: May 1, 2012

Court: Supreme Court, Ulster County

Age/Occupation: Plaintiff was 39 years old and was a self-employed restaurant owner.

Case Facts: Plaintiff was injured in an accident that occurred on Main Street (Route 299) in the Town of New Paltz, County of Ulster and State of New York. The accident occurred when the defendant pulled out of a bank parking lot, directly into the path of Plaintiff.

It took over 20 minutes for emergency personnel to extricate Plaintiff from the vehicle in which she was in her left arm became trapped under the vehicle resulting in significant loss of blood and partial amputation. During the entire extrication her children were pinned in the car along side of her.

Plaintiff suffered the following injuries as a result of this accident, severe laceration of the brachial artery requiring surgical reconstruction, external fixation of the left radial forearm, comminuted fracture of the radial head, extensive soft tissue defect extending from the distal humerus to the mid-ulnar shaft, radial, scaphoid, trapezium and hook of hamate fractures. Eventually she was caused to suffer more than six separate surgeries including multiple debridements of skin tissue and muscle.

Recovery was obtained from the offending motorist as well as defendant motorist that waved Defendant into traffic. Lastly, recovery was made from Plaintiff’s own insurance carrier under a umbrella SUM coverage that had been purchased by Plaintiff prior to the accident.

The matter settled for $1,095,000.00. The total amount of insurance available was $1,100,000.00. The matter was settled prior to trial by Joseph E. O’Connor, Esq.