$700,000 Settlement

Date of Settlement: July 15, 2006

Court: Supreme Court Ulster County

Age/Occupation: Plaintiff 37 year old single woman employed with part time business.

Case Facts: Plaintiff was exiting a restaurant/bar at night when defendant vehicle on through road struck her as she entered roadway. Key witness in vehicle following defendant driver indicated he was looking back and to his left just prior to impact, never slowed down for plaintiff entering roadway.

Injuries/Damages: Right knee dislocation fracture, fracture tibia, ACL reconstruction, disfiguring scars right and left legs. Plaintiff had difficult recovery because of the effects of pain and restriction in mobility and was plagued with recurrent infection and significant emotional distress.

NOTE: Issues of liability were a significant factor in this case as plaintiff was entering a highway from a private drive and defendant was on a 45 mile per hour through road. Case handled by Joseph O’Connor.