$2,588,000 Settlement

In Kingston, Attorney Joseph O’Connor has secured a $2.5 million case verdict for his client, a former police sergeant who was injured by a suspect. The circumstances of the injury are probably not what you are thinking, however. Rather than getting into a physical altercation or firefight, O’Connor’s client was seriously injured after she slipped and fell on the suspect’s urine, which he had deliberately left in a pool on the police station floor after being arrested for a DUI.

While the slip and fall was initially quite painful and took the plaintiff off her feet, it would only get worse with time. According to her physicians, the original knee injury worsened and the pain could not be lessened with typical over-the-counter painkillers. Known as complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), the pain in her knee spread through her nerves and started to affect her lower leg and foot, making walking an excruciating exercise. A determined and tough woman, the client attempted to continue her service as a police sergeant but ultimately lost employment due to the crippling injury.

The defense had not made any effort to offer a settlement for the damages the defendant had clearly caused. They were intended to dismantle the client’s claims, hoping to show that the lawsuit had no merit by recruiting medical professionals of their own that alleged CRPS was not a valid condition. Through O’Connor’s tenacity and dedication, the jury was able to see how the client’s injuries would prove to be lifelong and debilitating.

No matter how “unique” the circumstances of a client’s injuries, our team here at O’Connor & Partners never shy away from a case or back down when the people we represent need us most. We would like to congratulate O’Connor on his victory, wish his client the best of luck in the coming years, and thank the jury for making the right decision. For more information regarding this case, you can view a full article posted by Daily Freeman here. For help with a case of your own, contact our Kingston personal injury attorneys today.