What to Do if You Were Injured by a Drunk Driver

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

Given all we now know about drunk driving and its dangers, you would think that few people would do it. On the contrary, it is estimated that there are some 300,000 people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs on U.S. roadways every single day. Sadly, many of these accidents are deadly. Each day […]

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Common Types of Injuries Sustained After a Car Accident

Injuries After Car Accident

The body is subject to a number of physical threats during a car accident. From the encasing of the vehicle itself to foreign objects, flying objects, or the sheer force of impact, the ways in which drivers or passengers get injured can be unpredictable. Sometimes, even the things designed to keep us safe end up […]

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People in Minor Car Crashes Can End up With Real Damages… Even at Low Speeds

Minor Car Accident Injuries

Minor car accidents aren’t always so “minor.” Even if the traveling speed was low and the property damage was minimal, the people inside the car can still end up with significant injuries. Unfortunately, accident victims sometimes assume that because their crash wasn’t catastrophic they can’t recover compensation — or that filing a claim won’t be […]

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Comparative Negligence in New York

In a straightforward car accident, there’s an easy answer to that question. If one driver is speeding and causes a crash where the other driver wasn’t doing anything wrong, the speeder is liable for all the damages. But what if one driver is speeding and the other is texting? What if one driver runs a […]

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What to Say And do After an Auto Accident Can Impact Your Financial Rights

Steps to Take After Car Accident

Already been in a crash? The following is a general outline of the best steps to take after a car accident in New York. 1. Keep Calm and Stay Safe Car crashes happen suddenly, often without any warning. Victims report that time seems to move differently in those moments. For some, time “slows down,” everything […]

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