Hudson Valley Construction Accident Lawyers: Fighting for Injured Workers

The Hudson Valley’s construction boom brings jobs and growth, but it also comes with risks. Construction sites are inherently dangerous, and when accidents happen, workers often pay the price. If you’ve been injured in a Hudson Valley construction accident, knowing your rights and finding an experienced lawyer is crucial. The Dangers of Hudson Valley Construction […]

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Construction Accidents and Your Rights: A Guide for Foreign Workers in New York

Facing a construction accident in New York as a foreign worker, particularly from Latin America, can feel daunting. You might have unanswered questions about your rights, compensation, and navigating the legal system in a new language. This Q&A aims to address your concerns and introduce you to O’Connor & Partners, PLLC, a law firm dedicated […]

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Construction Accident Representation in Kingston, NY: How Your Attorney Can Help

Construction work is among the most dangerous occupations, exposing workers to numerous hazards that can lead to severe injuries or even fatalities. In Kingston, Ulster County, NY, construction companies, property owners, and contractors have a responsibility to ensure the safety of workers and individuals near construction sites. In situations where negligence or unsafe working conditions […]

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What to Do After a Construction Accident

After a Construction Accident Injury

Construction workers are not strangers to hazardous working conditions. From heavy machinery to heights, construction sites are home to many dangers. However, just because construction work is dangerous does not mean you should be forced to handle the cost of an injury on your own. Workers’ compensation benefits are generally available after a construction accident, […]

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Who Is Responsible for My Construction Accident?

Responsibility for Construction Accidents

As a construction worker, getting injured on the job can be devastating to your finances. Not only do you have unexpected medical bills that you have to pay, but you need to find a way to pay them while you are out of work. If you are injured in a construction accident, you have several […]

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